Medical Coding Reference Service: Scionis Goes One Step Further In Simplifying Doctors Life

The Health IT company Scionis Medical just released Medical Coding Reference, a new service and an app to help physicians and other health professionals in their coding processes.

Pursuing its goal of simplifying physicians' lifes, Scionis Medical just released the Medical Coding Reference app and service. This time its efforts are aimed at the coding process of the physicians practice, either for diagnoses or insurance purposes.

As this process is based on several medical classifications, and because physicians sometimes need to use more than one of them, the Medical Coding Reference app was designed to give access to the most commonly used medical classifications, including: ICD9CM and ICD10CM (Diseases and Injury, but also Procedures); ICF and the HCPCS Level 2 codes. All the classifications introduced are based on official updated publishers' sources, like the WHO and the app provides a service that also includes automatic updates of these and other classifications according to their publishers' agenda.
The medical classifications can be searched by text, through a google-like search that involves all fields (diagnoses, symptoms, etc.), by codes, or can be browsed. The Medical Coding Reference also allows the physician to bookmark the codes he often uses.

Like other products by Scionis, the content is accessed through an Android app, or a web browser; and the whole service is based on the Scionis Espresso MD Cloud EHR, which means that the medical classifications can be consulted virtually everywhere.

The objective of this service, as Mário Bessa, CEO of the Scionis company, explains was to: "turn the coding processes more physician-friendly, which means allowing the health professionals to have an easier, simpler access to classifications, and for them to stop worrying about updates".

More information about the Medical Coding Service can be found on the Espresso MD site.

Scionis offers a free version to test the service which is available on Google Play (formerly Android Market).

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