Mayor Jamie Mayo of Monroe, LA Announces June As Men's Health Month; Gynexin Follows By Announcing a Men's Health Solution of Their Own

Many government officials including a Louisiana Mayor have been declaring June as Men's Health Month. The Zudkar Medical Group has announced a solution called Gynexin that is aimed at solving a health issue that embarrasses many men.

Cities across America have been declaring the month of June as Men's Health Month in an effort to promote better health habits for men and to raise awareness of many serious health ailments such as heart disease, cancer and strokes. In a recent statement, Jamie Mayo, Mayor of Monroe, Louisiana proclaimed June as Men's Health Month for his city. The effort to bring increased awareness to pressing health concerns for men has resonated with many across the country as more and more serious diseases such as heart disease have begun affecting men across almost any range. This movement aims to promote healthier diets and lifestyles for men from all walks of life.

Another growing concern for many men has been not only their internal health but also their external and aesthetic appearance, which is largely influenced by their internal health. Many men have turned to a wide variety of products aimed at combating all sorts of conditions such as hair loss, excess fat and undesirable body hair. One of the more embarrassing and awkward conditions that many men are trying to eliminate is the infamous " man boobs ". Countless solutions involving everything from exercise regimens to pills have been used to try to combat man boobs to no avail, so the question for many men stills remains as to how to get rid of man boobs. A new solution called Gynexin has been announced as the ultimate solution to how to lose man boobs. Gynexin was created by the Zudkar Medical Group and claims to be the answer men have been waiting for to eliminate their embarrassing man boobs. There are a number of testimonials attesting to the effectiveness of Gynexin and many men are eager to test it as a possible solution for themselves. Gynexin can be found at a website aptly named .


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