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Mats Inc. Introduces New Class of Commercial Flooring

Commercial flooring and matting supplier, Mats Inc. introduces a new class of commercial floor covering on Valentine's Day.

Mats Inc. and Windmöller Flooring Products GmbH have partnered to deliver PURLINE, a new class of flooring for commercial environments under the wineo® umbrella brand of flooring, to the North American markets.

"We are excited about our partnership with Mats Inc. to bring PURLINE to the these markets," said Matthias Windmöller, CEO of Windmöller Flooring Products GmbH. "wineo® brand products are widely known for quality and innovation and Mats Inc. is recognized for world-class service. It is a dynamic combination."

The fully certified and already multi-award-winning organic flooring is the latest product development from the esteemed flooring industry leader and inventor, Ulrich Windmöller. Windmöller has created numerous inventions and patents that have transformed flooring products and have made global impact, and now he has developed an entirely new flooring category.

Using only a combination of natural ingredients and science, Windmöller set out to create a new flooring material that would exceed performance expectations in the most demanding commercial applications. He did not start with a base flooring product and then adjust or replace ingredients; he went back to the drawing board to test plants, formulations and processes. It took advanced technology, precision engineering and more than 6 years of research and development to invent this new class of flooring produced with nearly 90% rapidly renewable & natural raw materials.

PURLINE is the first in this new class of plant-based flooring worldwide and was recently awarded the "interior innovation award 2014", by the German Design Council. It is extremely durable with a molecular surface structure that is tenaciously stain- and wear-resistant and therefore easy to clean and maintain. PURLINE's simple maintenance requirements do not involve finishing, waxing, buffing or stripping and allow for time and cost savings in even the most demanding healthcare environments and public buildings.

Despite its slender appearance (2.5mm thickness), PURLINE is a complexly layered, finely coordinated system consisting of a PU top layer, decor paper, glass fiber reinforcement and the base PU layer. A Fleece-TEC-system is finally laminated onto the bottom that makes the flooring particularly easy and convenient to install.

"Our goal is to always deliver value and the products that offer our customers the most compelling advantages," stated Mats Inc. President and CEO, Scott Robichaud, "and PURLINE is a product that will truly exceed expectations."

It is not only thoroughly ecological thanks to the material ingredients of rapaseed, castor oil and the natural filler material chalk, but also unbeatably sustainable due to the conservation of water and care products it affords over its entire service life. PURLINE meets the highest standards for healthy environments and is also odorless, emission-free and GreenGuard Gold certified.

The commercial flooring collection features a broad range of dramatic color and a wide variety of neutral tones and patterns that are ideal for mixing and matching to define spaces or create unique effects within high traffic environments.

"I couldn't be more thrilled to introduce this new class of flooring," stated Rich Ruhlin, Vice President of Healthcare Development at Mats Inc. "PURLINE took more than 6 years to develop and yet the timeliness of its debut is perfectly aligned with the readiness of the building industry for transparently sustainable products."

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