Martial Arts Down Under!

Birth of a Warrior introduces Australian Wing Chun Martial Arts Master, Tonny White, to play the lead role. Tonny, trained by one of Bruce Lee's teachers, Grand Master William Cheung, is most noted for his staggering speed of 7.3 punches per second!

Birth of a Warrior is the story of White, an abandoned child, left on the steps of a temple and raised in the Temple way. White is also taught every facet of defensive Kung Fu and its teachings. When intruders break into the Temple to steal a sacred statue, a temple girl, Sierra, is kidnapped. White, who has never ventured outside the temple, must now rely on all his training to grant his master's instructions to retrieve the sacred statue, save Sierra and fulfil his destiny.

Gordon Waddell and Scott Richardson will also bring their incredible skills to the project. Waddell has served as a stunt man and co-ordinator on many well known films including Australia, The Nugget, Rabbit Proof Fence, Two Hands and Street Fighter and Richardson is known for his guerilla style camera work on Survivor Australia, Survivor Guatemala, Top Gear and Australian Idol to mention a few.

"We're very excited to be able to showcase never before seen Kung Fu stunts in Australia, with an incredible array of producers and film specialists. Filming will begin in southern New South Wales on January 10, 2011 and we can't wait to get started!", said Russell Cunningham and Anthony Salamon, producers from RLC Motion Picture Entertainment.

Birth of a Warrior brings back an amazing Kung Fu action picture to the silver screen!

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