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Mars Initiative Board Member Frank Stratford Interviewed on Dr. David Livingston's Space Show

Frank Stratford, CEO of Mars Drive and Mars Colonization advocate, was interviewed on "The Space Show". Stratford described mission architectures and funding for a Humans to Mars Mission and The Mars Initiative for crowdsourcing a Mars mission.

1 Million People for a Human Mission to Mars!

Frank Stratford, CEO of Mars Drive and an advocate of Mars Colonization, was interviewed on Dr. David Livingston's popular radio program, "The Space Show". Stratford described various mission architectures and various funding models for a Humans to Mars Mission and he mentioned The Mars Initiative (MarsInitiative.org) as a space advocacy group that he supports because it has a unique and transparent crowdsourcing model to fund such a Mars mission. The Mars Initiative also supports interorganizational collaboration with other groups that strive to see a Human Mars Mission, which is another reason Stratford said he supported The Mars Initiative.

"The future of our expansion into space and onto Mars is really up to each of us as individuals. If there remains no generation to step up to make the decision to go, who will?" said Frank Stratford. "A human to Mars mission brings us the technology and jobs of tomorrow, today."

Frank Stratford lives and works in Melbourne, Australia. As CEO of MarsDrive (MarsDrive.com) his vision is to see a human Mars mission and human settlements within the next two decades with a focus on enabling cheap access to space. According to Dr. Livingston, Frank is recognized for being the most active and passionate human to Mars advocate of 2012. Frank's intense passion in
space exploration and Mars settlement lead him to leadership roles at 'Red Colony' and the 'Mars Society' where from Red Colony in 2005 he founded 'MarsDrive' and has been working diligently at overcoming the issues that hold humanity back from a potential future in space. Frank also now sits on the Board of Directors of The Mars Initiative and serves as an advisor.

"Frank Stratford and Mars Drive have contributed greatly to the development of TMI from its inception and has always been willing to give TMI leadership excellent insight and advice from his years of industrial experience. Frank has been overall a tremendous help and has even assisted us in our attempt to reach global public support from space experts and enthusiasts," said Mina Mukhar,
Founding President of TMI.

"If you have a passion for space and/or space exploration, and would like to see humans on Mars within your lifetime, visit our website, donate to become a member and become a volunteer if you'd like to help out. We are working together with enthusiasts around the world to develop public support and funding for a human to Mars mission," added Mukhar.

About The Mars Initiative (TMI) and Our Mission:
The Mars Initiative is a global, collaborative action movement, dedicated to raising the funding
needed to support the first human mission to Mars. We will succeed through our enthusiastic
and dedicated volunteers from all over the world, who contribute their time and expertise. Our
organization provides a unique platform that continually aims to empower and motivate people to
carry out a Mars expedition in our lifetime, and gives everyone the opportunity to participate in one
of the most extraordinary events in human history. The Mars Initiative will transform our childhood
dreams of space exploration into reality. Extending our civilization to Mars, is our gift to humanity's
future generations.

For more information or to schedule a press interview with one of our topic experts, please contact:
Mina Mukhar by phone: +1 (480) 389-MARS or by email: Info@MarsInitiative.org

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