Mark Jupiter Redefines Fashion with Reclaimed Wood Furniture at His Furniture Store Brooklyn

Every century has a distinct mark on the furniture used by the people. Mark Jupiter has made news around with his creativity and imaginations from his furniture store in Brooklyn.

Furniture has an age of its own. Every century has a distinct mark on the furniture used by the people. With the consistently rising trend of Victorian furniture and antique pieces among the rich and wealthy mass, there is always value addition to any such antiques that has been reclaimed and re-carved for a contemporary home. As the 4th Generation of New York builder, the idea of revamping reclaimed wood furniture has taken a spree to this young professional builder Mark Jupiter.

With his idea of working with scavenged and salvaged wood from the demolished buildings, refurbished towers and shuttered factories, Mark has made news around with his creativity and imaginations from his furniture store in Brooklyn in Plymouth Street. Although opened recently during the fall of 2012, Jupiter has spread a sensation around with his craftsmanship on antique, vintage and reclaimed wood furniture.

"We source our woods from wondering around the demolished sites, shuttered plants, fallen trees, and scavenged street sides. We collect them and carve them to redefine their inner beauty with a special attention. At our custom furniture Brooklyn, you can find some elegant antique woods, such as Redwood, extinct heart Pine, or extremely rare Elm, which are absolutely extinct and hard to find today for any commercial purpose. With our instinct and dedication for revamping such vintage and antiques, we offer you a distinct taste with a unique craftsmanship with our finely tuned furniture store." - Details Mark from his store Mark Jupiter Furniture, Brooklyn.

Jupiter also invites his customers to his store in the Plymouth Street, Brooklyn to get their custom made furniture. Working just at the backyard of his furniture stores in Brooklyn, Jupiter accepts ideas, renders 3D designs as per the custom requirement for home, office or shop and delivers the same to the client before the actual production begins. As per the costs and preference of designs, Mark then carves the inner woods out of those old, used and vintage pieces, with his unique style addition with vintage accessories to offer a distinct appeal to the furniture. With his motive to provide customers with a distinct feeling with their furniture, Mark welcomes individuals, architects and interior designers as his customer to his store of furniture Brooklyn.

Mark Jupiter offers handcrafted furniture with reclaimed materials with a story behind each furniture wood. "Our customers not only appreciate our designs and pricing, but also love to know the story behind the furniture that has been carved by us. Some of our unique collection is made up of rare and preserved Redwoods that has been taken from 150 years old New York building, Elms from trees toppled by Tornado in Brooklyn in 2011 and some extinct heart Pine taken from the Old Brooklyn Sugar Refinery. These reclaimed wood furniture not only reminds us our old culture, but also makes them a unique souvenir to be cherished for long." - adds Mark while showing some of his best collections.

Mark can be visited at his new furniture stores in Brooklyn on any working day. His online portal is a great display of some of the most fascinating carvings of wooden furniture as well. Visit today to order your special piece!

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