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Marina Aleksintser, Founder Of, 1st West Coast JNL Fitness Model Factory Winner To Host Los Angeles Fitness Model Factory July 7th

Marina is once again partnering with Jennifer Nicole Lee and JNL Worldwide, to shake up Los Angeles with a One Day Mega Production event bringing together established and aspiring fitness models, health & beauty experts, and fashion & style stars.

When a Glamour & Fitness Game-Changer Jennifer Nicole Lee hosted 1st Fitness Model Factory Los Angeles Event with West Coast Super Fitness Model Winner, wellness & life coach, Marina Aleksintser on April 22, 2012, they set the fitness, beauty, fashion and glamour industries on fire. The message was clear - JNL Worldwide & Partners are here to help women learn how to turn a deaf ear and blind eye toward the ridiculous injunctions about what defines beauty, intelligence, or success and instead how to create your own yardsticks based on your unique aspirations and talents.

Today, Marina confirms that she is once again partnering with Jennifer Nicole Lee and JNL Worldwide, as she is set to shake up Los Angeles with yet another One Day Mega Production event bringing together established and aspiring fitness models, health & beauty experts, and fashion & style stars to network, learn, empower and form strong strategic alliances together.

Marina states, "I have to say that I think that all women are inherently fabulous, because they have gigantic hearts, and that's what's important. And then you get an incredible group of women together for a Mega event like Fitness Model Factory... when you connect with amazing people who actually GET and SHARE their passion for health and fitness and value what you need to do to take care of your body, your loved ones and your clients... When you meet like-minded beautiful on the inside-and-out women who join together to connect, learn and grow personally and professionally, collaborate and help each other THRIVE, it feels more like a party, then just a seminar or a networking event..."

Only a few number of most motivated women will be selected to attend the Fitness Model Factory event. Winners will be awarded a special day of personal and business building workshops, makeup/styling services, photo and video sessions and numerous giveaways and goodie bags filled with JNL Clothing items, supplements, books, etc.

It's a women's world. There has never been a better time than now to make the final break with outdated traditions, as old paradigms fade and new opportunities arise, especially in the fitness, health, wellness, beauty and fashion industries. Fitness Model Factory by BikiniMommy is the event that will help you fuse your passions and aspirations with the right business, marketing, and networking tools.

When asked who would benefit from attending the even, Marina responded, "Everyone has a story. It's time YOU tell yours and let your business and brand grow around it. If you have a passion for health, fitness, beauty and glamour industries and know it's time to break-out from the crowd. If you want to connect with AMAZING women who actually GET and SHARE your passion. If you want to learn what's needed in order to really THRIVE personally, socially and professionally then you NEED to attend this event!"

Marina Aleksintser is the President and creative force behind , an exceptional community of women who aspire to be their very best, both inside and out. She loves to write, direct, create, and this is why a Jennifer Nicole Lee and her enjoy helping other women as well, as they fill a void left by the beauty and fitness industry.

[url:] Jennifer Nicole Lee [/url] (JNL) is a fitness model, actress, motivational speaker, and author. She is known for losing 70 pounds and launching a career as a fitness guru after bearing two children. She is commonly referred to as "JNL."

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