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Man Sees Real Life Monsters, Writes Non-Fiction Book About Experience

Bay Area man says he sees real monsters and that they are hell-bent on destroying the world.

Man Sees Real Life Monsters, Writes Non-Fiction Book About Experience

Bay Area man says he sees real monsters and that they are intent on destroying the world.

San Francisco, California, September 27, 2013 - Kermit Heartsong sees monsters and "in some of the strangest places," he says. Further, Heartsong believes, that the monsters are determined to destroy the world. And he is adamant, that this is not a hoax, a publicity stunt or a sign that he is mentally ill.

Heartsong's book, United States of Mammon; Monsters, Illusions, Collapse, and Near Term Extinction, Oh My!, debuted this week as an eBook on Amazon. Heartsong believes that humanity's last hope is for people to see the monsters too, as it is the only way to stop them.

Heartsong says that there are monsters everywhere, and he believes that many people see them too, but are not willing to admit it. This, he believes, causes "cognitive dissonance" and is the reason for skyrocketing mental and physical illness and growing despair. "People can't continue to deny the truth of what they see and not suffer for it," said Heartsong.

Heartsong encourages people to tell family, friends, and loved ones, about the book, which will help them not only to see the monsters, but it will also help to defeat them. Heartsong believes as word gets out about his book, that the monsters and their plans to destroy the world will be toast. Heartsong is confident, that once the monsters are defeated, that it will be possible for humanity to experience heaven on earth.

About Kermit E. Heartsong

Kermit Heartsong is an entrepreneur, inventor, business consultant and author. Heartsong is the creator and developer of over 30 traditional games, puzzles and software games. He is also the developer one of the first Artificially Intelligent (A.I.) bioinformatics software plat-forms for drug discovery. Heartsong is a mentor and tutor to both children and young adults. Heartsong has been featured in "Success Magazine, Essence Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Entrepreneur - Young Millionaires and in the book the Purpose of Your Life, by author Carol Andrienne.

Title: UNITED STATES OF MAMMON: Monsters, Illusions, Collapse & Near Term Extinction, Oh My!

Format: eBook (Kindle & Kindle Reader)

Available: Amazon

Priced at: $5.99

Contact: Kermit E. Heartsong

Phone: 415.806.2844

Email: kheartsong@gmail.com


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