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Make the Most of Time- GTD Software EfficientPIM 3.70 Build 367 Released!

Time management is a never-ending topic for personal or business usage, so how to make it with high efficiency and productivity is a necessary.

In Sochi Olympic Games, Chinese president Mr Xi had been interviewed by a reporter on where is time gone, and got a reply with most time is for work.

Of course, he is a highly organized people in timetable of country visitings, speech, meetings, etc, but how many people can be same efficiency as him?

To help more people, Efficient Software Released its new innovative gtd software--EfficientPIM, which is an outstanding for Windows OS. This simple, easy use, flexible software will be an effective tool for helping make the most of time with its highlights:

1.task/ to do list schedule, group arrange, progress track and time remind. Details of title, scheduling time, importance grade, attached files, finish rate, remind or not, even comments can be added. Different task can be grouped, like homework, study, practice for a student management.
2.Contact information add, group arrange, birthday/ anniversary reminder without limitation. Details of name, address, company, pictures, phone No., even habits, relationship, versatile comments etc can be added to the contacts.

3.Private or public diary keep with high encryption password. Every one have own space, and software is personalized with multi-mood, title, content and attachment.

4. Mixed accounts Password memorize. Now many actions is on internet, so to register different email, website, bank,etc are unavoidable with mixed usernames and password, which are hard to remember. This function is to simplify all the process, users only need to remember the software password, then software will help memorize all the rest, just input simple word in search bar, the related info comes with clear details.

5. Notes take and notify on desktop. For a beautiful sentence from a book, a well-known saying, or else need to keep in mind can be noted down in this part and easy search via simple words, in addition, most important to do list can be shown on desktop for notification

What's more, all parts support backup and restore delete or undelete the information in case of mis-operations. Multi interface style can be switched according to personal favorite and 37+ more language available: Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Italian, etc, more information pls focus on its official site.

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