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Make An Environment Safer with Eco Friendly Methods Offered by Exigo Recycling

E waste management solutions are absolutely necessary to make an environment safer for living beings in today's modern era considering the extent of pollution in the environment.

Exigo Recycling Pvt. Ltd, an e waste management company follows sustainable recycling methods to manage large amount of e waste generated at offices and household. Every day, new electronic devices with latest and advanced feature are replacing with the old ones. The people usually dump e waste into a landfill or get its incineration. However, either of these two processes is not safe for the environment and the living beings on this planet. Today the government is also taking immediate steps and promoting e waste recycling as an option to manage discarded electronic items. If you also have superfluous old devices, then you can get its recycling by donating it to the Exigo Recycling.

Exigo Recycling is based in Delhi and owns its own plant which is located in Samalkha, Haryana. Our plant is equipped with the updated European machines and other state of the art tools that offer many benefits of recycling. These tools help recycling the old electronics in a safer and secure way. if you want to recycle your old electronics, then you can anytime donate your old electronic items at Exigo Recycling.

Our e waste management industry has been authorized by State Pollution Board and government of India under which our company is allowed to collect, transport, segregate, dismantle and recycle all kinds of electronic items whether it is a computer or any kind of electrical device, we can manage everything.

We have gained years of experience and our employed team of experts has wide knowledge about e waste management and offers their best efforts to resolve the challenge of e waste management in our country. We are committed to develop and follow only eco friendly ways to recycle e waste and dispose it off conveniently. We understand the sensitivity of this issue and strive hard to create an environment that is safe for the people today and upcoming generation.

You can contact us anytime and benefit from the recycling solutions that we have designed for the e waste management system in 2014. We also keep ourselves updated with the latest e waste handling methods and services that we offer to the clients. For more details about our services, you can anytime visit our website and go through the entire details. Our website is @ http://exigorecycling.com/.

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