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Drai's is one of the most expensive night clubs in the world.

Drai's, A new night club in Las Vegas has proven to be the most expensive club for night out in the world. The package that this club has decided to offer its customers will include a private jet and will cost around $737,000. It seems that the city of Las Vegas has now inverted the laws of club land. This new super club will now be added into the glittering line up of aspiration hubs in Vegas. This is exciting news for the residents of Las Vegas and every citizen of the city will be proud of it.

This new club, Drai is whopping 65,000 square foot large in terms of area and has 11 storeys in it. It also has some great swimming pools, private cabanas and a lot of generic EDM. The cost of package, $737,000 is something that has got attention of many folks round the world. The package includes private 737 jet for you and 50 friends, a 210-second firework display, accommodation, and a lot of champagne. There is also a second option available of $250,000 in which one will get a private jet for eight friends but the firework will be only 150 second long.

Special champagne bottles just for spraying on each other at $2,000 for 10 are also included in the package. The package also provides seven bottles of Dom Perignon which comes with custom light show presentation. This is a great place for all the celebrities that love grand celebrations and like to give grand parties to their loved ones. Las Vegas bachelor party is something that attracts a lot of people visiting Vegas and this club is a great option for a great bachelor party but only if the bachelor can afford it.

The club will add to the glory of Vegas and will make it well known in the world. There will be much more talking on this topic in the coming days as this news grows to be older and older. The big businessmen visiting this vivacious city have a very good option if they really want something luxurious. The club is a kind of place where one can not only enjoy his bachelor party but also a gambler can offer $200,000 to play a Bon Jovi song.

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