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Loving the Classics Scam and Complaints a Hoax Call to Dissuade Online Users

As proved recently by online media the news of loving the classics scam was fake and absolutely baseless. Loving the classics complaints that were posted also had no credible sources.

Finally the credibility of the very famous online store, Loving the Classics was restored, after the final reports of all popular media companies were submitted. These reports said that all the accusations that had been levied upon the online movie store, which consisted of loving the classics scam as well, were baseless and no credible source could be found for the same. Therefore, according to the reports, the online movie store has been given clean chit by almost every online media company.

"Recently our company and online store were going through considerably rough times the reason was the sudden floating of Loving the Classics complaints on the online media community. All new portals were reporting about the Loving the Classics Scams, we were shocked to hear the news but we had string faith in our customers and patrons. On this occasion I would like to thank our customers and patrons for their extended support, trust and care towards the company. Had it not been for them our company would have definitely suffered a great loss. Now when all the accusation including the news of Loving the Classics Scam has been proved to be false, we all can breathe a sigh of relief" stated the owner of the online movie store.

Rival companies had made use of the social media platform in the wrong way to post fake Loving the Classics complaints. This activity was done in order to dissuade the online users. Clients and patrons of the online movie store. The sales of Loving the Classics had been going up with every passing month. The rival companies and online movie stores couldn't digest the success of this company. Hence, the online reputation of the company was attacked by posting fake Loving the Classics complaints on all social networking sites and online blogging communities.

According to a patron of the company, "The very first time I heard about Loving the Classics Scam I was more than sure that it was all baseless and untrue. I have been buying movie DVDs from the online movie store since two years and till now I have had no complaint. Also I have gifted movie DVDs to my friends and family, they also never complained of any fault. Hence it was evident that all this was just part of some malicious intention of a rival company".

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