Love Systems, Inc. Releases New Book 'Magic Bullets' - How to Attract a Girl

Love Systems has been featured on ABC Nightline, the Tyra Banks show, the Dr. Phil show, and on Fox News. The unique guide teaches men how to meet and attract girls in daytime environments such as coffee shops and supermarkets instead of night clu

Philadelphia, Love Systems, Inc. releases a new book 'Magic Bullets' - How to Attract a Girl.

This unique guide teaches men how to meet and attract a girl in daytime environments such as coffee shops and supermarkets, instead of night clubs and bars.

Love Systems, Inc. has been conducting workshops on how to met a girl and how to get a girl to like you across the country for more than ten years.

The guide teaches men how to attract women in daytime environments such as shopping malls and on the street.

"I Now Have Girls Approaching Me With Regularity!"

"This opportunity was priceless. His tips on body language and subtext blew my old game out of the water. I now have girls approaching me with regularity! I believe these to be the most crucial skills I learned."
- John Carlton

Magic Bullets encompasses years of dating knowledge, field-tested methods and specialized research.

The guide walks men through the complete process of meeting a woman, getting her home and closing the deal.

The book teaches readers what to do and what to say, depending on the situation and location of the woman being approached.

Love Systems specializes in teaching and training men strategies to be more successful with women, particularly in the area of dating.

The techniques and methods are constantly tried, tested and then refined and updated," said President Nick Savoy. "This had made us leaders in the field and the number one dating coaches in the world."

Magic Bullets readers have enjoyed a 98% success rate, using the system. The system is not just about picking up women it's about succeeding with women.

The guide instructs students on body language and learning how to attract a girl by, among other things, communicating at an emotional level.


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