Losers Everywhere Step Up Their Game With RFID

New eBook from RFID for Dummies author shows barcodes are for losers

ODIN, the world leader in RFID software and solutions, has sponsored a free new eBook Barcode Based Asset Tracking is for Losers! valued at $9.99 for no-charge at http://bit.ly/RFIDeBook1 . The RFID eBook suggests that many asset managers are acting as "losers" because their inventory tracking systems are slow and inaccurate causing them to lose valuable time, lose money and, in the case of a failed audit, lose their job.

Barcode Based Asset Tracking is for Losers! is written by Patrick J. Sweeney II. Sweeney uses the same engaging and entertaining style that made his first book, RFID for Dummies, such a success. ODIN, the original vendor neutral RFID company, supported this effort and is offering the book at no charge as part of their continued mission to engage, educate, and take the confusion out of RFID for the public. This eBook shows end-users how to set up and deploy their own RFID network, understand the pitfalls, and get the most from an RFID investment.

"The RFID industry has changed so much in the past 18 months that end-users are clamoring for trusted information. Our job is to provide the latest data." Sweeney commented, "Dummies is now five years old and some of the information is two or three generations old. I'm committed to updating information via the eBook format as often as I think it is required. This is the start."

You can download the RFID eBook Barcode Based Asset Tracking is for Losers! at no charge on the ODIN Website.


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