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Los Angeles is a creative city. The proximity to the ocean makes it a place that cultures from all over the world tend to migrate and there are more independent Art Houses, Galleries, Museums, and Theaters than you can visit.

Los Angeles is a creative city. In the 1920s, film moved from New York to Los Angeles because of the year-round sunny weather. This, plus the proximity to the ocean, makes it a place that cultures from all over the world tend to migrate to. As such, Los Angeles is an art house fanatic's dream. There are more independent art houses, museums, and theatres than you can visit. One of the biggest art houses in Los Angeles is the LA Art House in West Hollywood ( It hasn't been open long and is filled with custom framing, sculptures, wall art, metalwork, and more. This stunning art house opened in 2008. Margaret Perenchio and Ann Moss opened the LA Art House as a way to help aspiring artists by showcasing their incredible work. They donate all of their proceeds to the Hammer Museum.

The Rochester Art House ( is another great place to check out raw exhibits and creative presentations. Their art is out of the box, often themed, exciting, edgy, and involves interactive exhibits and live human exhibits that are woven in. When you walk in, art is hanging from the ceilings and the walls; the building itself feels like a piece of art.

Another worthwhile art house in Los Angeles is the Denis Bloch Fine Art Gallery ( This gallery features ceramics, street art of the most intensely creative variety, posters, and more. He has a revolving door of artists who specialize in contemporary and modern original prints, drawings, and vintage posters. His stunning studio is just a few minutes from Rodeo Drive off Brighton Way.

One of the bigger venues to catch an art exhibit in Los Angeles will be the new Artopia, an LA Weekly Party in Chinatown. Chinatown Central Plaza will transform into Artopia which includes art, music, food trucks, and a hosted bar. It's akin to the Art Walk on Abbot Kinney in Venice during the summers - except this one is here now! Tickets are $15, and you can catch Artopia from from 6:00-11:00 on Thursday, May 16th.

Another exciting event taking place in the art house world of Los Angeles is the installation of Latin American Art Galleries by LACMA, designed to enhance the feel of Latin art in the museum. Ilona Katzew, the new associate curator of Latin American Art, will be responsible for much of the design.

Another art house worth checking out is the Vintage Vortex V (, a vintage store newly opened in Los Feliz that does it all, from vintage clothing, furniture, and music, to vintage art that is truly hard to come by. This is a treasure chest filled with completely unique items that are designed by modern artists and made to look and feel vintage. When you walk into this ultra-hipster atmosphere, you'll feel like you're witnessing the 1920s in realtime, created by some of the most talented minds of today.

The La Luz De Jesus Gallery is another great place to get your artistic fill. Currently displaying is Tony Fitzpatrick: The Bus as well as J.A.W. Cooper Laid Bare. The La Luz de Jesus Gallery is also consistently changing the Art in the Hallway exhibit, where the art on display rotates to give different artists a chance to display their work. The vibe of La Luz is rather like Alice in Wonderland meets a country western showdown. With pieces that resemble "Where the Wild Things Are" and the famous "Three Little Pigs," the art is out of the box, beautiful, seductive, and everything in between.

No matter what your flavor of art, the art houses in Los Angeles extend beyond paintings and sculptures. They range to include music, food, clothing, furniture, live art, interpretive art, and more. In this city there is something for everyone, and the different areas of Los Angeles embody different philosophies. You won't find the same art in a Venice art house as you would in downtown, Chinatown, West Hollywood, or North Hollywood. Each community has a vibe that is worn with pride and evident in their selection of the art houses, the presentations, and the warmth of the hosting, almost all of which turn into late night wine and cheese affairs as guests laugh and enjoy the art and one another.

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