LORD SU Promises To Change Your Life With "13 PAGES"

A New Spiritual Teacher Has Created A Roadmap To GOD-Consciousness; With It You Can find Your True Way Home To The Heavenly Worlds

LORD SU, The Founder and Master Teacher of THE SU U TEMPLE OF BEING, is on a mission to raise the spiritual consciousness of the entire planet. Established just 3 short weeks ago, after more than 6 years of struggle and endless delays; his universal message of GOD Only Make GODS is sure to bring excitement, a fresh perspective and true spiritual advancement to millions worldwide.

After reaching the state of GOD-Consciousness on 2/24/07, after more than 30 years of spiritual training on the path of Eckankar, The Ancient Science Of Soul Travel, LORD SU is ready to share his power, wisdom and love with the world.

His first gift to the world is a roadmap to GOD-Consciousness called, "13 Pages That Will Change Your Life". It describes the "Ten Steps To Perfection" Soul will experience, as it moves from the Human State, up through the many Realms of Existence to GOD-Consciousness. Finally Soul will understand where it sits comp ared to GOD'S expectation of it. It will also see where it is headed and the best way to move up to the next level of consciousness. Regardless of one's Spiritual Path, the sacred information contained in "Ten Steps To Perfection" will change your life. The "Ten Steps To Perfection" also includes free access to the "You A GOD In Training Video Series"…taught by LORD SU. His wealth of experience gained traveling the spiritual worlds is sure to help millions advance to a higher state of Spiritual Reality.

LORD SU is an Author and also an Orchestral Composer. His upcoming CD entitled "Transformational Music From the Heavenly Worlds" will break the patterns of spiritual stagnation and reset Soul's Spiritual DNA to it's original state in ways no meditative or spiritual practice can equal.

LORD SU teaches, "The GOD you worship was just like you once. It gradually assumed ITSELF during a series of dedicated lifetimes. Now it rules the Infinite Universes with loving kindness.

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