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LoopRope™ Bungee Tie Downs Field Tested and Recommended By North American Hunting Club

North American Hunting Club recently tested and recommended the 5 ft LoopRope bungee tie down with carabiner clips, stating that LoopRope is the only tie down that goes from securing gear on your vehicle to being used as a clothesline camping.

The primary reason why LoopRope cargo tie downs are becoming one of the hottest retail items in the outdoor community is because it is tested by real people using it in real-world scenarios where it has proven it's value. LoopRope has most recently been field tested and endorsed by the North American Hunting Club.

No advertising is as valuable as an actual product endorsement by members of a community who truly use and love a product. Jeff Dahl, the owner of LoopRope, wasn't thinking about advertising or product reviews when he designed and developed this custom tie down system. He had one goal; to create a better, safer method of securing cargo. As it turns out many other people have found value in his creation.

The LoopRope has been identified as a must have accessory in the outdoor sporting goods environment. People quickly found this looped bungee tie down with adjustable anchor points and carabiner clips for securing ends a no brainer for rafting, kayaking, camping and ATV's, but it's popularity has been exploding in the arena of hunting and fishing.

The 5ft LoopRope bungee tie down was recently field tested by members of the North American Hunting Club. Michael Meyokovich of Discovery Bay, CA had this to say, "I used the LoopRope on a camping trip. I found so many uses for it that I will be buying a few more!" And Bill Tidwell of Mountain Home, ID said, "The LoopRope is a great and versatile product that allows me to customize the size of the loops to my specific need."

North American Hunting Club posted this product review to their recommended and tested board, "LoopRope eliminates the use of dangerous and limiting bungee cords, cargo nets and most other tie down straps. The 5-foot-long LoopRope is the only tie down that goes from securing gear on your vehicle or daypack to being used as a clothesline at camp. The possibilities are endless."

Jeff Dahl of LoopRope welcomes product reviews saying, "I will gladly send LoopRope to any blog, website or online store, I guarantee that they will find at least one use for it."

If you are interested in testing or reviewing the LoopRope custom tie downs, Contact LoopRope Here.

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