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Beepshealth is a complete health tracking system for you and your entire family. It contains a lot of useful features, wholly and solely to make you manage your health easily.

"Health is wealth" we are hearing this phrase since our childhoods but as we grew up our lives became too busy that most of us lost focus from our health which makes us sick, fat, weak etc. because the people are more conscious towards their monetary benefits ac compare to their health. For the time being, they totally neglect the hospitals, doctors and expensive medicines for which they pay huge amounts. So, for the convenience of the people and to develop a habit of managing health, Beeps Health has introduces a complete Health Tracking System which is a multi-purpose Android and iOS app that provides complete assistance in keeping everyone healthy and It is also accessible through web which makes it convenient for the web users. Children, women, men or aged people's health records can easily be managed and kept through this application, which is currently available as a useful free Health Tracking App for android and I-phone.

This app can't only be used as a Personal Health Record but also as a Family Healthcare System by which a single user can track entire family's health. The aged patients who are suffering from a disease or infection can save their medicinal data through this app. The parents can save their own health record as well as of their small kids by with they can see their growth rate through this application. It will help them to identify, whether the children are growing normally or the parents need to feed them a little more, all these decisions can be made by the guidance of this medical fitness app. Appointments Record, Medicine Record, Tests Records, Exercises, Caloric Info and data regarding your height, weight, food consumption, blood pressure etc. can also be entered and saved. It not only save the present medication but it can also enter the medicinal history of the pills taken by a person in the past. Once saved, all the information will be accessible anytime and can be easily monitored by the user through the changes in visual charts.

Beeps Health's health tracking system is a complete package for home health care as well as for the society because it is free and easy to use. It also manages the number of meals taken in a day with time and all the entered meals will be compared to the fibers and nutrients a person has actually taken and how much fibers and nutrients are needed. It also provides a platform to have an online interaction with the doctors and all the data of a person can be shared with the doctor to get the expert's advice. A user only has to upload his/her data and it will be visible to the selected doctor. This feature has made the patient doctor interactions briefer and easier for both doctor and patient. For better understanding, Beeps Health provides you a facility of 3D body charts through which the user can realize in a better way that where he/she is standing and where to stand in future.
Looking a user friendly Health tracking system? You are a step away from it.

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