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Looking for A Rush When You Explore New Territory? How About a 1500 Foot Landing?

Get more than the expected with this tour! Embrace the Grand Canyon from both a panoramic view and an up close and personal experience.

Anyone and everyone can offer tourists an explanation of a terrain, but recently many touring companies are taking tours to the next level. It is no longer about just hopping on a bus, walking on a trail or confiding in one guide to give a monotonous speech about some landmark. People want to get what they pay for and in an economy like this, if people are going to go on vacation they want to do it right.

GCFlight is one of the most popular discount touring establishments in Las Vegas. They even offer discount Grand Canyon air tours for under $100! But discount tours do not only fall subject to super low rates with bare minimum features. It also falls under paying a higher price, for way more than a consumer is expecting and this is their specialty.

This month GC Flight is featuring their Grand Canyon tour with a West Rim landing. This is the only company in Las Vegas that actually lands at the West Rim! Not only are spectators experiencing the gorgeous cuts, curves and colors of the Grand Canyon from heights they can only imagine; they also get to see it up close and personal! This way people do not have to waste their time and especially their money on separate tours. The tour includes views of the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and of course the Grand Canyon. It also features a champagne ride from your hotel, and a landing that dips 1500 feet below the West Rim!

For more information on GC Flight and their unique, exclusive tours such as whitewater rafting, ATVs and more call (702) 629-7776 or visit http://gcflight.com for the best prices available.

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