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Looking for a CIP Unit for Your Factory? Contact Prisma Tech

Prisma Tech is a manufacturer of equipment for food and beverage producing factories. Their Clean-In-Place system for example are crucial to reduce production downtime, increase safety and reduce production costs.

CIP stands for Cleaning In Place. Those cleaning units are widely used in the food and beverage industry and, in particular, are irreplaceable in plants that produce preservatives, syrups or fruit juices.

These systems, in fact, are connected to the machinery used for the production in order to clean them from the inside by means of flowing water and detergents.

In this way the cleaning can be carried out quick and easy, and if necessary the machinery can also be sanitized, without having to perform any disassembly or manual cleaning.

The detergents employed by Clean-In-Place systems can be acidic or alkaline depending on the type of substances to be removed; after the cleaning the equipment is rinsed thouroughly ensuring that the production plant is immediately ready for a new cycle. Among the main advantages of the CIPs are:

-Rapid operation
-Low cost of cleaning
-Possibility of automation
-Reduce downtime in production
-Improved safety for workers

Thanks to their many years of experience in this particular field of technology, Prisma Tech Parma is considered a leading company in Italy and worldwide in the production of CIP plants Visit Prisma Tech for the food and beverage producing industries.

Contact the experts of the company to plan your Clean-In-Place system to measure that, in addition to maximum efficiency, also saves energy and water and thereby reduces production costs.

Prisma Tech can help you design and manufacture exactly the equipment you need or check your production processes and advice you on how to optimize your processes in a cost efficient way. On the website you'll find further information and the contact details.

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