Location Alert- An Ultimate Solution to Schedule Call and Message Based on Location

Location alert app is the ultimate solution for scheduling call and message according to location. Therefore, whenever user needs to inform their contacts about particular location or want to connect call after crossing particular location, it is pos

These days most of people using i devices and apps really make easy our daily life. For example there are several apps are available on iTunes store that helps you in managing your daily routine works and offer you simplicity. Future scheduler, files-finder edition and photos to albums all these apps are very useful app for users. Here I am going to discuss about Location alert app that schedule message, phone calls and emails according to location. Just imagine you are traveling and you need to inform your friends about particular location when you would reach there. It will strike in mind that how great it would be if someone sends message, email on behalf of you when you cross particular destination?

Just another example that you need to attend your friend's party and you need to pick your other friends from their home but you don't have time to call or message them instantly when you will reach there. In this case, location alert helps you as it can schedule message or call according to location and particular place so that apps will send automated message to your friends. Find location alert in iTunes store

Location alert is simple and handy tool which make simple your life by alerts, reminders and activities which are automatically triggered according to your current location. It also allows you to create voice notes along with scheduling text and phone call. Here I am listing some features of this location alert app that will force you to download this app in your iPhone.

1. Flexible set up for recurring events along individual days of week.
2. You can select location and radius on map interface.
3. It provides facility to send text message when you are nearby around a location.
4. Location based call connection.
5. Voice and text notes
6. Own voice record option for reminders and alerts.
7. Easy function of display contacts with photos in nearby areas for easy selection.
8. Snooze function for reminders.
9. Auto send message option.
10. Get log off for scheduled activities.
11. Pick templates for quick event creation.

All these function mentioned above will help a user when they need to inform their relatives and friends about their particular location. So, just travel without thinking about sending reminders and alerts to your parents and friends and enjoy scheduling with location alert app. For more information you can visit and you can find location alert in iTunes store here:

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