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Listen to Work In Progress, a New Mixtape from The Real Live Show's Malik Work

"Deep, inspiring, conscious, profound....what a great lyricist, always present with one foot in the past and one ahead of its time....recognize real talent. Big up to Malik Work, Dionysos from the Real Live Show." - Swiss Chris

Malik Work-- co-creator of the powerful hip-hop ensemble, The Real Live Show-- is presenting his first solo hip-hop album release. He's electronically distributing an 11-track album called Work In Progress, which will be available solely to his newsletter subscribers. Beginning on October 23rd, Work's latest fans will be eligible to download the hot mixtape after signing up to Work's newsletter on his new website, or on his Facebook page ( Existing newsletter subscribers will be receiving the download as a pre-release offering prior to the 23rd.

With a sound that has been called an amalgamation of Busta Rhymes and The Roots, Work In Progress is an assorted assemblage of tracks. In the mixtape's first track, "Let Me See Some I.D.", Work's breathtaking cleverness fills the loosely autobiographical song, describing his tenure as a doorman at the cherished Nublu club, one of New York City's best hip-hop venues with past popular acts such as Kudu, Brazilian Girls, Wax Poetic, Forro in the Dark, and Love Trio. Work's experience as a doorman for one the finest clubs in NYC enthused him to compose the humorously bold lyrics. The version on the mixtape is a remix by prominent label owner/groove culture visionary/DJ/producer Nickodemus. The other tracks on the mixtape will be several live hits, like the social analysis song "Zombie" and the anthemic "Cosmo Kids," that until now have not had studio versions.

MC/Actor/Writer Malik Work made his reputation by co-founding the live instrumental hip-hop group, The Real Live Show, with more than a decade of residencies and performances at sites all over the U.S. and Europe. The group's cool musicianship-and the literate lyrics of Malik, a.k.a. Dionysos, and his co-MC, Stimulus-have gained The Real Live Show significant admiration. The Real Live Show also has the reputation of being the first hip-hop act to ever to play the Greenwich Village's well-regarded Blue Note Club. In addition to The Real Live Show, Work is also escalating his standing with new and exciting collaborations, such as teaming up with the Parisian-born jazz-hop band Nedjma and building his hip-hop cabaret concept group, The Upstagers. You can learn more about Malik Work at View the video for the hit track for "Let Me See Some I.D."

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