LiquidLEDs Unveils New Range of Candle LED Light Bulbs

Australian LED Lighting Specialist Reveals Range of LED Light Bulbs to Replace Traditional Candle Lights

For many years, incandescent light bulbs have been the de facto standard for decorative lighting purposes. This is mainly due to their pleasant colour temperature and their traditional, elegant finish. Since Thomas Edison first unveiled his take on the incandescent light bulb some 130 years ago, no other lighting fixture has come close to the classic light bulb as far as decorative lighting is concerned.It's a challenge LiquidLEDs knows full well, which is why they've spent a substantial amount of time developing their new range of Candle LED light bulbs, a collection of solid-state lighting devices specifically designed to replace aging incandescent lights.

With decorative lighting applications in mind, LiquidLEDs draws inspiration from the incandescent candle-shaped bulb's classic exterior design. This is made possible by the innovations LiquidLEDs have made in developing their patented LED Filament technology,which feature a unique that holds multiple LEDs, strategically positioned to guarantee a 360° beam spread.

LiquidLEDs' new Candle range features LED light bulbs with two distinctive shapes-flame tipped and regular-as well as three elegant finishes-pearl, opal, and clear. Although it may seem these differences are mainly aesthetic in nature, LiquidLEDs points out that they have their uses. Each of the finishes for instance, are ideal for different applications; pearl and opal finishes are best for warm light configurations, while clear bulb are for spaces that require a bright light.

Other notable features of LiquidLEDs' new candle range include an average rated lifespan of 15,000 hours, incredible energy efficiency compared to incandescent bulbs, and excellent thermal management.

With its new Candle LED Light Bulb range, LiquidLEDs takes a bold approach to addressing the needs of its customers, heeding the demand for efficient LED bulbs that don't alienate the average consumer who is accustomed to more traditional, instead of futuristic-looking bulbs.

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