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Limo Company Brings Safety to All Clients in the 2014 Prom Season, Orlando

Prom Season is just around the corner in Orlando. The CEO points out the various safety benefits of hiring a limo service for teenagers during the prom season and assures the prospective clients that the company's limo drivers follow road safety guid

With the onset of the prom season in Orlando, everybody is busy making preparations. It is not only the young who must prepare for the prom season but also the parents of these young men and women. Prom comes with its fair share of vices and all parents wish to keep their child away from any and all harm. Renting a prom limo will not just put the parent's mind at ease, but it will also enhance the charm of the already magical prom night for the young adult.

The CEO of the limo company has recently announced that in the 2014 prom season in Orlando, they aim at providing one of the safest prom experiences to all their clients. He states, "Our drivers are specially trained to behave in a friendly and courteous manner with all their clients and are strictly asked to abide by all road safety laws and guidelines."

The CEO assures his clients that no matter how many pick-ups, drop-offs or unscheduled stoppages that the drivers may have to make, they will never lose their patience, make a dangerous maneuver and put the safety of the passengers at risk and neither will the drivers speed up in order to reach a destination on a particular time. The drivers are much safer than any young teenagers out on a prom date and are therefore, definitely a better choice for a chauffeur.

However, their sense of responsibility does not dampen the enthusiasm of the teenagers on their prom night. "Our drivers are pleasant fellows who enjoy interacting with high school students while they remain completely focused on their task", says the CEO.

The safety is not just provided by the drivers but also by the vehicle itself. All company limousines are serviced by certified professional technicians and undergo a stringent inspection routine before they are taken out for any trip. This ensures that the vehicle is functioning normally and this reduces the risk of an accident.

Along with the safe limo comes an adult supervisor who will make sure that the young people in the back do not get into any unrequited trouble. The company policy ensures that the partitions are never raised so that the drivers can oversee the events in the back. They are discreet and value the privacy of the students while ensuring their safety at all times. Additionally, they ensure that no underage drinking takes place in the vehicle. Alcohol is never allowed within the vehicle when the students are being transported to and from the prom. This way, the company ensures that the parents of all the prom-goers can rest in peace while their young ones are out enjoying one of the most special nights of their lives.

Orlando Airport Limousine specializes in luxury ground transport services in and around Orlando city. The company offers only the top rated limo and chauffeur services and are proud to own the largest fleet of limos catering for every user's needs. This prom season, hire a prom limos to make the night memorable.

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