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LightSpeed Is Streamlining Corporate Wellness with Montreal Yoga Instructor Jennifer Kruidbos, MA

How Quebec's Fastest Growing Company Is Getting The Most Out Of Its Employees and Keeping Its Marketplace Edge With Help From A Hip and Young Local Yoga Instructor

Next-generation POS retail software system pioneer LightSpeed and Montreal yoga instructor Jennifer Kruidbos, MA, are streamlining corporate wellness with a partnership that will offer in-office yoga classes to LightSpeed employees.

LightSpeed, currently Quebec's fastest growing company, has been streamlining the retail world with a comprehensive suite of retail tools for the iGeneration. Winner of the Next-Gen Retail Award and two-time recipient of the Profit 200 award (2011 and 2012), LightSpeed is blazing new technology trails. The recent partnership between Jennifer Kruidbos and LightSpeed is testament to the company's progressive initiatives. Their focus on corporate wellness may be one of the secrets to the company's success.

Their choice to partner with Jennifer Kruidbos, MA, is no surprise. Jennifer has taught Yoga in law firms, medical centres, tech startups and even departments of the Quebec government. She's helped lawyers, judges, doctors and techies sharpen their minds, tame their emotions and boost productivity and performance.

"Employees who are balanced, focused and healthy-minded produce impressive results and enjoy a more satisfying corporate culture," says Jennifer Kruidbos. "Employees who are stressed, worried and overwhelmed don't produce those same impressive results. Instead, they can end up being a costly expense to their company."

As a former corporate employee turned "yoga master," Jennifer Kruidbos helps progressive companies get the best out of their employees by removing the mumbo jumbo from yoga and distilling the age-old practice into practical tools anyone can use and understand. Forget the yoga talk - Jennifer makes yoga accessible to the busy business mind, perhaps the very reason Montreal companies select her for help with their wellness efforts. She translates yoga into valuable insights and exercises staff and managers can begin to use immediately to create a happier, more productive workplace.

"Overall my employees feel more relaxed and focused." says Jeannine Cafaro

HR Specialist at LightSpeed "They really value having yoga at work, and the morning and afternoon option is perfect. Personally, I always thought I was terrible at yoga and I'm really impressed that I've made it to almost every morning class and I've been able to do most of the poses!"

Why are companies choosing yoga? Because yoga has proven benefits for the corporate world - it has been shown to reduce stress and errors, improve decision-making, increase emotional intelligence and boost productivity. And it may be the most affordable way to do so. Yoga won't bust the corporate budget either. The findings presented in a new report by the not-for-profit International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans called A Closer Look: Wellness ROI, reveals that for every dollar spent on wellness, a company saves up to $3.

LightSpeed and Jennifer Kruidbos are leading the way with a innovative and cost-effective tools to corporate wellness and performance. More and more companies looking to emulate their results are sure to follow.

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