LighTake Window N101 Dual Core II Android 4.1 Tablet PC - Best Choice For You

To be one of the latest tablet PCs on sale,LighTake Window N101 Dual Core II Android 4.1 Tablet PC can be the best choice for you.

It is without any doubt that the advancement in technology has shifted the living standards of people towards height and has allowed people to reduce their stress which was found at work places in older days.People have found easier ways to manage themselves and with the introduction of portable computers, the whole task which generally took hours can now easily be done in minutes.To be one of the latest Android Tablet PC ,LighTake Window N101 Dual Core II Android 4.1 Tablet PC can be the best choice for you.

Now many other companies have chosen to launch the android 4.1 tablets which have high class and amazing configuration along with one of the best features. Such android 4.1 tablets bring an improvement in the status of the consumers and they remain connected with others who are around the world with the help of android 4.1 tablet.

Main Features and Specifications of the Window N101 Dual Core II Android 4.1 Tablet PC:

1.Actually Window N101 Dual Core II Android 4.1 Tablet PC has a very high resolution of around 1280x800 which brings in the excellent quality of viewing the videos.

2.It has a very high storage capacity and has around 1 GB RAM and further more 16 GB of internal memory as well. It also provides consumers with the opportunity to expand the memory if the they are low in the space.

3.It also has a high speed processor of around 1.6 GHZ which is considered as the fastest and the consumer will feel a big difference after using it as compared to previous versions of androids.

4.What's more,it allows the switching of applications at a faster pace as well. It has a browser installed in it automatically and it gives access to the browsing at a lot faster rate than the consumer expects. Once the consumers update the Java, the animations show better performance.

5.The consumer can add an external memory which has a limit of around 32 GB. This permits him to download huge projects and high quality applications which take lots of space. The consumers are also given a feature of touchscreen which is a very sharp one. By slightly touching the screen, the android 4.1 tablets will respond quickly.

6.There is the availability of high quality camera in it which is about around 2.0 MP. It allows the consumers to enjoy taking pictures and saving it as a memory.

7.It also support the function of multi-language and it has many different slots available for the earphone, card and many others.

8.It will be also good to know that the android 4.1 tablets also have the feature of WIFI in it and the 3G modem will also work with this tablet. There is also the presence of the Bluetooth and G-sensor which will allow to share the data, pictures and videos at a faster pace.

The Window N101 Dual Core II Android 4.1 Tablet PCs are not that expensive and are available at reasonable prices. The consumers need to make sure they search well not only by looking at prices but also the features of the android 4.1 tablets. The consumers will automatically find some of the applications such as the task manager, Android webkit and many other applications which are already there when the consumers purchase.

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