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Less Fuss - No Rust Road Dust Control

EnerCrust Provides Long Term Dust Control with a Single Application

Jane K. Gates is pleased to announce availability of a new product from EnerTeck, a game-changing new spray-on dust suppressant called EnerCrust. In a single application, EnerCrust provides long term dust control without the highly corrosive effects on haulage and personal vehicles of traditional dust suppressant products.

The introduction of EnerCrust, in its environmentally friendly biodegradable liquid form, comes as a welcome alternative to existing products. Short lead times for product delivery and no special equipment requirements means the product can be quickly implemented for control of wind-blown dust and dirt and preventing material loss from open dump trucks, barges, and railroad cars.

EnerCrust, manufactured by EnerTeck Chemical Corporation, features humectants and binding characteristics rather than the calcium chloride and magnesium chloride bases of other road dust treatment products currently on the market. This unique blend prevents corrosion damage to haulage and personal vehicles as well as storage equipment. It further eliminates any need for cleaning solvents or heavy detergents to wash equipment; simply washing with water is all that is required.

"The advantages of EnerCrust for control of road dust, coal dust, pulverized coal, frac-sand transport and other dust-ridden transport and construction activities are extensive," said EnerTeck distributor Jane Gates. "Cost reductions related to longer lasting dust control are all quickly achieved without any changes in existing equipment."

An Operations Manager for a major U.S. road construction company states; "EnerCrust does a good job stabilizing loose soil and dust. Temporary roadways treated with EnerCrust are resilient to light traffic as needed during construction projects."

About EnerTeck
EnerTeck Chemical Corp. is the manufacturer of EnerCrust dust suppressant and EnerBurn, a diesel fuel combustion accelerator product. The company has a proven track record of producing products that deliver safe, highly effective cost saving improvements for a variety of industries around the world including marine, ground transportation, mining, oil field services, hydraulic fracturing, earth-moving processes, off-road construction, landscaping, agriculture, military, government and public transit.

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