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LegacyMemorial.com Has Teamed Up With BillionGraves™ To Offer QR Memorials So You Can Now Commemorate The Memories Of Departed Loved Ones For Lifetime

LegacyMemorial.com has teamed with high-tech BillionGraves™, to offer integration of QR memorials online. The QR Code can be embedded on the headstone, when scanned, gives you direct access to a page containing memorabilia of the deceased loved one.

Legacy Memorial, in collaboration with high-tech behemoth BillionGraves™, offers grieving families an innovative way to keep the memories of deceased loved ones alive through interactive QR code memorial website. These sites are customized to host obituaries, timeline stories, photographs, videos, family tree profiles of the deceased and comments of the visitors, friends and family members.

Moving in step with the present day technology, the QR memorial code is a squarish scanable design that can be embedded anywhere such as in the gravestone, on ash urns, on garden benches, photo frames, on memorial objects - whatever the material used. The code can be scanned with the help of a smart phone, which provides immediate access to the online memorial page of the departed loved one. Some mobile phones/ tablets may require downloading a free QR code reader app to enable scanning.

Legacy Memorial explains that the QR memorial can be customized to allow visitors to only view, or even comment and add content to the site. This interactive cenotaph is designed to give the grieving family and friends ample scope to heal by sharing their pain and love while at the same time build a living legacy for their children about the departed loved one. The owner of the virtual memorial webpage retains the right to authorize which visitor can leave comments or upload any media/ information on the site.

The innovation introduced by the Legacy Memorial will help connect loved ones across the world through this scannable QR memorial. With the help of this code the memory of the deceased loved one will remain alive and be preserved forever without distortion for future generations. It is better than regular gravestones because it does not fade, it does lose its luster, and it does not lose any of the information compiled lovingly by those who shared it.

A satisfied client, Janna Moralis, commented on this new technology. "I was grateful to have a site like LegacyMemorial.com available when my father passed away. What a wonderful place for family members to visit. I copied his LM Legacy code into our Family History documents and have placed his marker at his grave site."

About The Company: Legacy Memorial has built its reputation around people friendly innovations that make grieving more bearable and easier to heal. The teaming up with BillionGraves™ resulted in the launching of the LM codes (QR code memorials renamed as Legacy Memorial codes), which has been received quite well among those looking to create an online memorial to memorialize and pay tribute to someone they loved and still love. 

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