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Lee Enterprises Consulting Group Adds Waste to Energy Expert

World's Largest Alternative & Renewable Fuels Consulting Group Adds Bill Bivins to Its Team

Alternative and renewable energy consulting group, Lee Enterprises of Little Rock, Ark., is pleased to announce the addition of William Bivins to its consulting group. Bivins has Bachelor of Arts degrees in both physics and economics from the University of Louisville, and Bachelor's Degree in Nuclear Engineering the Naval Nuclear Power School also a Master's Degree in Propulsion Engineering in the Navy. He is an expert in technology, energy and operations with more than 20 years of experience leading project teams and corporate divisions to exceptional levels of productivity and profit. He is trained in nuclear energy, physics and economics, and is a recognized expert in renewable energy industry by the US Department of Commerce, US Environmental Protection Agency, US Military. Bivins has spoken at numerous businesses, government agencies and industry organizations in the US and internationally. He is the current CEO of One World Clean Energy of Louisville, Kentucky, and works with Lee Enterprises in matters pertaining to the conversion of waste to energy.

"Bill has long history in dealing with alternative fuels matters across the world and is well known for his ability to optimize profitability of by-products and reduce expenditure on waste streams," says Lee Enterprises Consulting's CEO, Wayne Lee. "He can consistently map the shortest paths to increased profitability through waste mitigation or conversion of waste to energy, and will be a valuable addition to our team." Lee notes that Bivins will lead waste-to-energy projects for the consulting group, and will work in a variety of related matters with many of the team's other experts.

Bivins believes that being affiliated with the world's largest alternative and renewable fuels consulting group provides an exceptional opportunity for him. "Lee Enterprises Consulting is the largest consulting group of its kind," says Bivins. "The depth of expertise, knowledge, and experience within this group is so vast that with one phone call almost any alternative fuel matter can be addressed". Bivins notes that the facilities for many food processing, beverage production, and transportation fuels, such as biodiesel and ethanol, have waste streams or by-products, and says that the ability to minimize those costs, or even convert these to profit is a key element in the success of many companies.

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