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Leadstart Publishing Has a 360-Degree Distribution System in Place for Authors

For several years now, Leadstart Publishing, a Mumbai based publishing house, has been a one-stop resource for distinguished authors for getting their literary works published. The leading publishing house flaunts a 360-degree distribution system, wh

The Mumbai, India based leading publishing house Leadstart Publishing takes immense pride in offering itself as the 'Fastest growing publishing company in India today'. The company has been helping distinguished authors meet their diverse requirements when it comes to choosing the best publishing house and bringing their writings to the masses. Over the years, Leadstart Publishing has been catering to genres and verticals like politics, health, religion, travel, fitness, and children's books, thanks to its impressive 360-degree distribution network that includes retail bookstores, institutions, internet, digital devices, and direct bulk sales.

A senior company official from Leadstart Publishing stated, "Our network includes all major chain stores, such as Oxford, Reliance TimeOut, College Street, Crossword and other stand-alone Indian bookstores. Since the time of our inception, we have been helping distinguished authors publish their non-fiction and fiction titles, which have won several accolades and awards."

Leadstart Publishing has always placed customer satisfaction, employee training and better relations with investors above everything else. Accordingly, the company keeps updating vendors and affiliates about the latest developments in the publishing arena. Such communication allows our affiliates to understand market concerns and issues better than others do. The company also has Leadstart Literary agency in place, which has been doing a commendable job in helping authors find newer audiences, distribute their works and circulate their literary write-ups across different locales and media.

The company official further told us, "Our 360-degree distribution has grown stronger, smoother and more effective than it used to be some years ago. Our distribution network helps retail bookstores and digital sales verticals to meet their goals with tremendous ease, which further allows Leadstart Publishing to become one of the most popular book publishers in India. We have always believed in realising organic and sustainable growth, which helps us thrive further with ease and confidence."

Aside from assisting distinguished authors, the agency does its utmost to help new writers express their creativity. The company offers itself as a content vendor for several influential production and publishing houses based all around the globe. Literary agents who wish to know more about the Top Fiction Publishing Company http://www.leadstartcorp.com/about/contact-us/, its various services and products, or want to enquire about new authors, may send in their email queries to Leadstart Publishing, or have a word with customer care representatives who are always at your service. You can also visit company's official website for more info.

About Leadstart Publishing:
Leadstart Publishing, a Mumbai, India based leading publishing has gained great reputation for being an ideal platform for new writers and distinguished authors. The company enjoys the status of being a reliable, one-stop resource for authors to publish their quality write-ups and literary works. The publishing company has a vast, 360-degree robust distribution network that takes six major book sales verticals into its purview. Among other Indian Publishing Houses http://www.leadstartcorp.com/, Leadstart Publishing holds a prominent position for sure. Accordingly, the company has fetched reviews from all quarters for publishing more than 200 titles annually in several book categories.

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