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Leading Fast Food Chains Joins Growing Trend of Instore Radio

Three of the country's popular fast food chains - Greenwich, KFC, Chowking - has just introduced audioWAV's instore radio that broadcasts customized music, bulletins, and announcements.

Greenwich, KFC, Chowking - three of the country's most popular fast food chains - has just joined the rising trend toward a more interactive and personalized store communication, as they introduce an audio system that broadcasts customized music, bulletins, and announcements. The reason behind this move to enhance their services through an instore radio is that these restaurants know that the right sounds will benefit their bottom line. They know that the right music and spacing of advertisements and announcements can be influential on the perception of customers towards their establishment.

With that said, Greenwich, KFC, and Chowking have teamed up with audioWAV to help them design an instore radio that effectively connects them to their patrons better. And audioWAV does just that. With years of experience under their belt, and a list of well-known brands as clients, the sound specialist has proven its expertise in the field of audio technology.

Part of the WAV Atmospheric Branding Group, audioWAV is the leading provider of sound systems for retail stores and restaurants in the Philippines, as well as Singapore and the US. Using the latest in audio technology and a team of expert engineers and technicians, audioWAV ensures that brand values are broadcasted in the right kind of music, messages, and announcements. Its growing clientele is proof of its high-quality standards and service excellence.

Greenwich, KFC, and Chowking believe in the influence of the right music to increasing sales and satisfaction. Not only that, it gives them the right avenue to create positive associations and emotional bonds with every customer that walk in their doors. An in-store system playing only the kind of music visitors will like and being able to broadcast special promos and events throughout the store at one go, is not only effective but also cost efficient. So, retail shops will not only be encouraged to follow this growing trend, they are will also reap the rewards.

About Greenwich, KFC, and Chowking

Greenwich, part of the Jollibee Foods Corporation, is one of the largest pizza and pasta chains in the country. It has more than 330 stores nationwide and continues to grow yearly. Offering a unique blend of pizza and pasta creations that has captured the distinct Filipino taste, Greenwich offers customers nothing but delicious food options and top-notch service.

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is the largest fried chicken fast food chain in the world, with more than 17,000 stores in more than 100 countries. The delicious signature recipe passed down from Colonel Sanders has found a home in the Philippines. From its Original Recipe to its well-loved gravy, KFC continues to make fans out of everyone who takes a bite of the scrumptious creations.

In a country dominated by western burger joints, Chowking has proven itself as a leader in a niche that's all its own. Clearly, it's a restaurant offering delicious Chinese dishes that's been adapted to the Filipino taste. More than that, it is an establishment that offers a slew of delectable dishes at an affordable price in a stylish restaurant setting.

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