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Twilight Gray - a new, informative, practical resource online that catalogs furniture, home products and offer information regarding home improvement and DIY has been launched.

The home center website Twilight Gray has been launched. Twilight Gray is a home resource for owners, renters, design lovers, remodelers and DIYers and aims to provide useful reviews and information regarding furniture, construction, remodeling and topics related to the home. This home center resource will be available to anyone who is doing research before making a purchase, and wants practical information regarding prices, materials as well as style; no matter whether they're shopping for a new sleeper sofa under $1000 or are looking to upgrade the windows of their house.

Twilight Gray will be focusing primarily on interior and exterior spaces and everything that goes into creating them. One of the main aspects of Twilight Gray will be reviews related to furniture in all price ranges, design accessories, house materials and construction tools. Accessible, affordable furniture will be focused on to a higher degree than higher-end design furniture that is out of the price range for most people. This information will provide readers better insight in terms of what's available on the market in order to make a more informed decision. There are so many different furniture and home improvement stores out there, that it's easy to get confused. Twilight Gray will also cover new and interesting design articles and accessories as well as reviews of useful home appliances such as washers, dryers and dishwashers. Additional content at Twilight Gray will consist in the form of home make overs, before and afters and DIY projects that will provide additional inspiration.

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