Latest WordPress SEO Plugin Upgrade SEOPressor V5 Goes on to Delight Users

SEOPressor V5, the latest version of the phenomenal WordPress on-page SEO tool, is a hit to users with its five new features.

On-page Search Engine Optimization, which is essentially the optimization of a website's content and everything uploaded to its domain, has become the buzz word in the Internet marketing world. On-page SEO provides a WordPress-based platform the advantage of ranking high in search engines without the need for excessive off-page works. Important as it may be, on-page SEO is in itself a daunting process, especially when done manually. Many resort to outsourcing their on-page SEO process, which can be expensive and even end up with less-than-ideal results.

SEOPressor is a mandatory WordPress plugin for on-page SEO that has been rising in popularity since its introduction to the market in 2012. Continuing its three-year track record of excellence, SEOPressor is powering up more than 15 million WordPress pages and counting.

SEOPressor, a creation of Daniel Tan of Social Metrics Pro and XTabApps fame, has taken on-page SEO into a whole new level with the all new SEOPressor V5. Enhanced with five new features, SEOPressor V5 guarantees to skyrocket Wordpress pages to the top of SERPs.

SEOPressor V5 user Brian D. Hawkins enthuses about the upgraded tool: "It's almost as if SEOPressor took those features from my checklist. I guess I'm old school but I have a checklist that I use when writing new posts. It's pretty cool that SEOPressor helps automate some of those tasks and the check/remind feature is very nice. As usual, I love your presentation."

Offering a leveled-up systematic guide for real-time on-page WordPress content optimization, SEOpressor V5 is now built with the over-optimization check feature to avoid being penalized or deranked by Google during algorithm changes. In addition, the upgraded WordPress SEO plugin is integrated with OG tags and Twitter cards that link more data together, allowing Google to see more relevance of content in a website.

SEOPressor V5 also includes a rich snippet tool that displays ratings for a specific post. The tool is a must for doing reviews and product comparisons. Version 5 also includes the bug-free version of Smart Linking" and LSI Analysis, which are mainly factors that Google uses for its search algorithms.

To find out more about the newest SEOPressor V5, please visit for information.

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