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SurCap Trading has revolutionized the essence of proprietary trading by bringing it to the new age.

SurCap Trading has revolutionized the essence of proprietary trading by bringing it to the new age. When internet is the most accessible media in the world, it only makes sense for this platform to influence the world of prop trading as well. This company is comprised of trading professionals who are vested in their various niches. They bring their experience over a variety of backgrounds to develop trading strategies adaptable on multiple product and market scenarios.

The USP of the company is it is a remote trading firm. They have a global trading team accessing via social media giving the company a unique edge. The direct benefit of the move is that they able to charge lower than their competitors are because they do not charge for desk fees from their traders.

The platform brings together traders from seven different countries over a common social media platform. They form a consolidated team of like-minded professionals who share their market views and interact to bring better strategies for Prop trading UK

The dedicated company website reveals How to gain backing with the company. Traders can now send their CV to the id featured on the company website and wait for a thorough monitoring and inspection before they are called on board the team. The company provides complete mentoring throughout the process to help the trader grow with the firm. The company is looking for consistency within the trade and not a professional looking to get lucky over a single transaction.

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SurCap Trading is a premier proprietary trading firm. The company is based out of a common social media platform. They use technology to bring together traders from various countries under one common brand.

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