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LaPuerta Announces New DVD Seminars on Business Reporting

LaPuerta Books and Media today announces two new releases of DVD training videos aimed at business students and professionals. The new titles are Technical Analysis Basics and Financial Proofreading.

The seminar presenter is Gerald Everett Jones, author of the popular book on business presentation tips, How to Lie with Charts, which has its own companion DVD.

Along with the charting book, these three DVD seminars comprise LaPuerta's Pitfalls of Business Reporting series. The running time of Technical Analysis Basics is about an hour, and Financial Proofreading is a half-hour session.

LaPuerta marketing director David Drum explains, "Both of these seminars are tailored to businesspeople who have to deal with financial data but who don't need or want to be immersed highly technical explanations. For example, in the Technical Analysis DVD, Gerald gives an illustrated, introductory-level talk how to spot trends in stock market charts. And then he expands that discussion to give tips on interpreting all kinds of charts, including proposal and presentation graphics. It's really all about how to communicate clearly with business graphics."

Jones does not offer himself as an expert on the stock market. Rather, he says his interest in financial technical analysis started when several of the participants in his charts seminars expressed interest in the topic. "The entry-level explanations I give," he said, "are essentially what I found out after those colleagues got my curiosity going. As with a lot of complicated subject matter I've had to absorb over the years, in becoming able to explain it to myself, I can now explain it to you. In this case, it will take you less than a hour to absorb what it took me months of data-drilling to put together."

As to why the topic is so intriguing, Jones adds, "Technical analysis finds patterns in financial market trading results and provides some principles for projecting trends. This approach is often successful at forecasting prices. But you're asking for trouble if you start looking for meaning in the patterns - if you think you know why the market is behaving according to the pattern. This type of analysis is all geometry and mathematics. And the process has nothing to do with fundamental analysis - which is all about why prices rise or fall, based on value judgments about corporate performance."

The Pitfalls of Business Reporting series is built around Jones's classic book about clarity and honesty in visual reporting, which was first published by Sybex in 1995. It and has been a consistently strong seller ever since. It's been accepted as the definitive work on the topic, and it's been adopted as courseware by college-level academic institutions. Adoptions include courses in statistics, visualization of mathematics, and business management.

Each of these DVD seminars is on sale through Amazon for $89.95 retail. In addition, a downloadable streaming version of the How to Lie with Charts seminar is also available for rental or download from Amazon Video on Demand (VOD). The revised and updated Second Edition of the book sells separately as a LaPuerta trade paperback for $23.99 or as an Adobe PDF ebook, which is available at the Diesel eBook Store for $11.45.

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