Is Publishing A New Post On Summer Trends

Maria Rodriguez, the face behind, tomorrow at 5 P.M EST is publishing a new post on the fashion trends of summer 2012.

Tomorrow at 5 P.M EST, is publishing a new blog post titled, "What Skirts Will Be A Hit This Summer". This article is a continuation of an article series that Maria Rodriguez and her team were working on for the last month.

Many experts agree that the summer of 2012 differs from the previous ones; although some of the colors will continue to defy time.

"Black and white fashions will always be a hit on the runways and on the street" says Maria Rodriguez, the founder of "Many designers are aware of this sneaky little fact, and they continue to milk this 'cash cow'."

The new article will not only present you some great black and white skirts, but also show you how the ladies can use vivid, geometrical and animal prints to create a fun outfit.

When asked whether Maria can reveal a few secrets right now, she laughingly replied, "Well, I do not want to give away too much, but one thing is 'sure shooting' - the main color trend will be mint green. Also, you might add something orange to your wardrobe. But please read the full article and watch all the videos tomorrow to get a better understanding."

Maria also reminds that fashion isn't exact science and it involves many factors. It's important to monitor the latest trends and only then make a decision. Lacervianenca will do its best to present the information in the best possible way.

"Writing quality articles and presenting the best possible information (even if we have to link to our competitors and potentially lose traffic) is our main prerogative. If we start slacking off, we will lose trust and this project will be over."

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