Sing Your Name is a California based company that specializes in personalized music for kids. From interactive CDs, stuffed toys, story books to music albums in different languages, the company aims to create and induce joyous as well as fun learnin

Every kid is unique and loves exclusivity. Similarly, their music and gifts should be no exception. Promising kids a whole lot of entertainment and individuality, the personalized children gifts available at is perfect for them. Launched by Kurt Penberg, this website gives you a wholesome sing your name to design, develop and deliver personalized products for kids of all age groups.

The product portfolio of Sing YourName boasts of world's only singing alarm clock that would wake kids by singing their names. The kid may wake up in an instant, listening to his name in the song. Apart from this, one of the most popular categories here is personalized children music CD of 12 professionally written and recorded songs that can be customized to your kid's name. The products are further segregated into blue and pink boxes which make for easy identification of boys' and girls' merchandise respectively. The company also offers first-ever and largest collection of Sing Your Name stuffed toys, alarms clocks and printed products. Recently, the company has also launched its fastest-selling product -Tiny Twin globally.

One can browse the website furthermore for Care Bear music collection, Marvel superhero collection, Barney and Bob the builder music CDs which take kids along to a fun-filled and entertaining ride. So, there is something for every kid and each preference. If a kid loves superheroes, the parents can gift him songs based on Marvel comics. If a little princess loves teddy bear, let her cherish Care Bear songs and hum along.

The songs are kids-appropriate and let kids learn a lot without feeling the boredom of going through the formal education and training. The kids feel great to hear their names and learn a lot in the process.

The entire collection at Sing Your Name includes 2 sound modules to sample voiceover, signage, re-order cards and planogram. The portfolio is very popular among kids and parents alike. Suitable for kids of all ages, the songs are supported by enchanting tunes and beats. The product lineup also includes songs and names in three different languages. The most important and surprising thing about Kurt Penberg's collection is that it can be set up for names in less than a minute.

The music collection is penned by Kurt Penberg and hand-picked by him to provide knowledge as well as wholesome entertainment for kids. In this age, when technology for kids' is limited to action-packed and gory video games which can have adverse effects on impressionable minds, here is a melodious and soft way to engage them and make them familiar with the new-age computing techniques.
The customized collection of personalized songs for kids has over 5000 names to choose from. The selection of names is easy and can be browsed over alphabetically. The 'Try-Me' button enables you to listen to sample and conclude that you sure are in for a real treat!

The latest to grace the product category are personalized interactive CD story books, personalized poems and personalized growth charts. The personalized children music CDs and poems are available for purchase from around the world. Visit now to know more and order the fantastic new titles available for kids.

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