Searchable kPoint kapsule library helps students find help on "C".

Pune, kPoint Technologies launched a new initiative "C made easy" for engineering students and professors. There are over 300 carefully created kapsules that cover different topics in C, to help students with programming.Students can either follow a structured flow provided on or visit the library on tutorials.kpoint.comdirectly. In the search for keywords, kPoint finds the right kapsule and takes students directly to the point inside the video. They can even ask questions around the kapsules using their Facebook credentials. All these resources will be available to the students for free.

On this occasion, Shridhar Shukla, Managing Director, kPoint Technologies, said," Today's students like to consume videos. They like to search for information when they are stuck. We have designed this program keeping these behavioral aspects in mind."

Industry veteran Avinash Narwekar is the brain behind this initiative. On this occasion, Avinash said, "We are happy to bring this rich resource to students and professors. We have focused on quality of the content, delivery and video. kPointgave a perfect platform to create and share these videos. kPoint's ease of use allowed me to create 300+ kapsules in a very short time. We hope students and professors use this effectively. We will keep adding more and more useful kapsules based on student's input."

About kPoint

kPoint is an online multimedia video creation and sharing platform. The award winning technology puts premium on discoverability, search and user engagement. With patent pending systems and features like rapid video creation, multimedia mashup, engaging analytics and search within a video, kPoint delivers value by reducing cost and improving productivity. kPoint has a growing list of over 40,000 users and several dozen customers.

kPoint has offices in Chicago, IL and Pune, India. For more information, please visit