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Knowing The FUE Benefits That Is Advantageous To All

FUE is Follicular Unit Extraction, which is also known as follicular transfer. This is the primary method used for obtaining follicular units for hair transplantation.

In Follicular Unit Extraction method, individual follicular units will be extracted directly from the area of hair restoration of the donor. With this technique, .8mm to 1 mm punch is used for making a small circular incision in the skin around the upper area of the follicular unit. This is then extracted from scalp.

Patients who Benefits from FUE

There are many fue benefits are achieved by the patient who undergoes this treatment. To say, this treatment procedure will not cause any linear scar, therefore it is useful for the patient, if he wants to wear donor area for a short length of less than 1 cm. This advantage gives huge development of this method of follicular unit extraction.

Here are some fue benefits experienced by the patients:

1. The patient will not have any evidence of having this procedure done and always has the option to wear very short hair.

Even if the head is shared, only linear scars will be there, which are very fine and cannot be easily noticed

2. With the after treatment heal, the incisions may not be visible even with short hair

3. This treatment procedure is beneficial to young patients who need only small grafts in hairline. The degree of hair loss will not be known clearly, which becomes advantageous to the patient

4. Fue benefits are further extended; as the patient will have the option to stop shaving his head if there is only 1 or 2 small procedures is left.

This method is very beneficial than any other types of surgeries followed

5. FUE is suitable for patients who have already undergone strip harvesting and now having tight scalping

6. Patient who may need camouflage, widened linear donor scar prior to hair transplant procedure can benefit from FUE

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