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Kitchen Management Program Prepares Students Through Practical Application

This PR showcases that Centennial College Hospitality Operations Kitchen Management program, despite its short length, fully prepares students for the field.

With people seeking new dining experiences, it's no surprise that the Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council (CTHRC) anticipates that the food and beverage services sector will grow to employ 1.95-million people by 2015. The CTHRC also reports that, presently, 68 per cent of employees within this sector are young Canadians.

To meet the demand, Centennial College offers its food-focused hospitality program. Entitled Hospitality Operations - Kitchen Management, its goal is to prepare students for a challenging and rewarding career in food operations management in just two semesters.

Instructors who are well versed in the field guide students through a number of topics by way of lectures and interactive activities, such as working at Centennial College's on-campus restaurant, Horizons. Among specific topics covered in the program are business practices in accounting, human resources and supervision.

In addition to their kitchen management courses, during the final semester of study, students have the opportunity to attend a field placement. This program feature serves several purposes. Firstly, students gain confidence in the knowledge they have acquired by applying it to the real world. Secondly, they have the opportunity to expand their professional networks. Thirdly, they can add the experience to their resumes, as real world experience is something for which employers look. Centennial College enjoys a respected standing in the community. As such, it has partnerships with a diverse range of respected and well-known companies that take on field placement students. Among these companies are: Swiss Chalet, Red Lobster, The Keg, Canyon Creek and many others.

Once students successfully complete each hospitality course in the offering and receive their Ontario College Certificate, they are fully equipped for entry-level positions in the field.

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