King Cartridge Talks About Its Journey As A Leader In The Printer Cartridge Market

King Cartridges is an e-commerce division of Tuckman Inc. dedicated to supplying toner,

Those who buy their printing supplies online are well aware of the fact that King Cartridge is the most trusted name in the market when it comes to high quality printer cartridges and related products. But did you know what it took for the company to establish this impressive reputation for itself? Visit the official blog of the company at and discover the thrilling journey that this company has made - from being just a start-up to becoming the market leader!

In the US, whether people need printer cartridges for commercial printing requirements or for your individual needs, there is only one name that is relied upon above all others - King Cartridge. With the wide variety of products it offers, all compatible with a huge range of brands and with the amazing quality services it provides to its customers, this company truly wins hearts every time someone logs onto their website, looking for printing supplies.

"As anyone who owns a printer will tell you, cartridges are expensive, be it ink or toner cartridges. As one printer user wrote: " I have HP printers dating back to the 1990′s…. Problem is and always has been ink cartridges and the cost …. My latest one (all-in-one) ink is being touted as big savings (Gosh, almost $4.00 off; what a deal!)" Printer manufacturers make money on the ink and toner, not on the printers, because ink and toner can provide a steady stream of revenues long after a printer is sold. Major manufacturers like HP, Canon, Epson, Samsung, Brother and Lexmark make wonderful printers and they sell them cheap so that you will take the bait and be hooked on them. That's why OEM cartridges are expensive but that doesn't have to be! There's a lot more to the story.. Read it all on our blog!" says Justin Szeto - Manager of Finance & Administration at King Cartridge and the website

The blog piece is quite an interesting read and will tell you all about this company's impressive years in the industry and what makes it the number one choice of customers when it comes to buying printer cartridges online. Make sure you check it out!

For more information about the company or to browse through their range of printer cartridges offered, please visit the website of

About The Company

King Cartridges is an e-commerce division of Tuckman Inc. dedicated to supplying toner, inkjet and printer cartridges of premium quality at the cheapest prices in the North American market. Tuckman Inc. is a Canadian-owned company incorporated since 1992 and operating out of Greater Metropolitan Toronto, Ontario, Canada. They supply a wide range of compatible and remanufactured printer cartridges including all major brands and models.

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c/o Tuckman Inc.

Address: 137 - 1140 Burnhamthorpe Road W,
Suite 188, Mississauga, Ontario L5C 0A3 Canada

Phone: 1-888-395-8338



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