Now Estimates Online Casino Payout Time now provides an estimate of payout time for each online casino in the database. The estimate is based on the time advertised by a casino and the time reported by players., a fully searchable comprehensive database of online casinos, bonuses and games , now provides an estimated payout time for each casino in the database. The estimation is based on the data collected from the casino website as well as the player feedback at different gambling portals, specialized forums and social media platforms.

The data collected from the casino website is listed as Advertised payout time in Banking and Payouts section of each casino's detailed review. It is separated into two categories: the time it takes to receive the player's withdrawal to the e-wallet or by check. Usually, the casino advertised payout time to e-wallet as a day or two, and by check as two or three weeks. However, there is additional time the online casino takes to process the payment, up to three business days. During this time, the players may reverse their withdrawal and continue playing in the casino.

Casino payout time as reported by players is presented in Banking and Payout s section as a minimum, maximum and median number of days for this particular casino as well as for all associated casinos. estimates the casino payout time based on all the data collected from both the casino website and the player reviews for e-wallet payments. Additionally, non-payment risk is estimated as a percent based on the numbers of player experiences reporting a payment and non-payment.

All information available at helps the players to select the best casinos in the Internet that will meet their preferences and requirements, and to avoid the pitfalls of online gambling, thus enhancing their gambling experience.

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