Key West Florida Slows Down To Offer Some Hot Fun In The Summertime

The high season may be over but that doesn't mean Key West Florida is closed for the year. Now is the time to truly experience the magic of the island.

People might think that going to South Florida in the summer time would be a hot sticky affair, and they would be right. What they are wrong about, though, is thinking that Key West, Florida is part of South Florida. Key West may share an area code and a last name with Miami, but in the summertime they couldn't be further apart.

"One thing that people don't realize until they come here is that in the summertime we are one of the coolest spots in all of Florida," said Norman Vogel, owner of the iconic Roof Top Cafй restaurant. "You can check any weather map and our temperatures are noticeably cooler than Miami, Tampa and Orlando. Plus, we have those tropical breezes blowing here that everyone dreams about when planning their island vacations."

Those breezes are certainly a part of what helps keep Key West cooler than their northern neighbors as people come to check out the Key West restaurants. Visiting this tropical island is like taking a step back into the past. A fiercely protective historic commission helps to keep the Old Town district looking like a perfect time capsule, and this allows nature to keep the island cool just like it has for hundreds of years. It isn't just the amazing and unbelievable weather that brings people down this time of year.

"I tell people this is the time of year to come because you can still do everything that Key West, Florida is known for except one thing, and that is wait in line!" said Robin Lockwood, President of the Key West Chamber of Commerce, as they recently announced the upcoming events for the summer season. "More and more people are discovering the joys of coming here during the 'slow' season. Even island weddings and businesses that would close up for the summer are responding by offering special deals to help make their visit even more extraordinary. Best of all, for those who love to fish, the summer offers the best conditions for sports fishing that has made us an angler's paradise."

Regardless of what you like to do on your island vacations, Key West, Florida has it all. And while ice in their drink may be enough for some people, many places also have air conditioning as well.

Jack Terry is a travel and lifestyle writer who lived for several years in Key West.


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