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CyberSafe Files Encryption Software is a powerful data encryption suite providing three levels of protection and allowing you to hide your files along with the fact that you are protecting it with data encryption software.

CyberSafe Files Encryption Software presents an innovative way to keep your sensitive data protected. These file encryption tools not only keep your data safe by using the most powerful cyphers available in the world today ; it also hides your files and the fact that you are protecting it using data encryption. After all, if it is obvious that you are encrypting your files using such software or other methods , it is more likely to raise suspicion among hackers. If data is protected, then it instantly seems more likely that someone is trying to hide something important. CyberSafe provides three levels of data protection along with support for self-extracting ZIP archives and email encryption using S/MIME . It is also compatible with many CSP standards.

Once you have protected your data through file encryption, it will be completely impossible for any third parties to access it or make any sense of it. In order to gain access to your files, you will need to enter the passkey or password you specified before. Files may also be decrypted remotely, such as on cloud storage servers, simply by opening them.

Data encryption is safer than ever with this software, making it useful in a wide range of scenarios. Another important feature is the support for the Public Key Infrastructure and the Microsoft Cryptography Service Provider. The highest mode of data protection uses the 448-bit BlowFish cypher and uses a Public Key value.

You can learn more about CyberSafe at the official site .

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