KarmaGoal Launches To Offers Personal Crowdfunding To Help Motivate Personal Goal Achievement

With the core focus of "doing good in the world," KarmaGoal offers a way for motivational projects to be achieved through crowdfunding support.

KarmaGoal.com, the newest motivational online crowdfunding for personal goals, is taking ambition to the next level. With the help of backers and supporters, members can set up their first project in minutes and encourages all individuals to become the better version of themselves.

Change does start from a single idea, a single spark of inspiration, a dream. Everyone sets New Year's Resolutions each year but fall short of their true potential. KarmaGoal.com helps people ensure that their vision for positive change definitely becomes attainable with the help of those who trust that they can.

"Whatever your goals may be, they are yours. It's YOUR journey and YOUR dream. We hope to make it a reality. KarmaGoal is an easy to use platform to help you achieve what you set to accomplish. You CAN do it," said the KarmaGoal.com team.

KarmaGoal.com believes that support goes a long way to reaching a specific goal in all aspects of living, including those that pertain to the Environment, Education, Finance, Relationship and Health, particularly with respect to Addiction, Dieting and Fitness. From starting a healthy lifestyle to getting good grades to finally being freed from an addiction, anyone can start a campaign on KarmaGoal.com and gain the support of people who believe that dream is possible.

"Change can happen anytime, anywhere. The first step is deciding. We help you rally your support and community online," said Patrick Santiago, Co-Founder of KarmaGoal.

Anchored on the principle of motivational crowdfunding, KarmaGoal.com provides an easy-to use online platform to individuals who want to share their personal goals to friends, family and others online.

Free to sign up, KarmaGoal.com users simply need create and set up a campaign on their personal fundraising profile page. There, members can post stories, photos and videos about their projects and then seek support for their goals by way of pledges - particularly in credit card donations from friends and family - which are all essential for added motivation.

At the end of the campaign period, the pledgers can vote to decide if the user has accomplished the goal.

"By the time your campaign is over, you've become a better and richer you! Truly, crowdfunding coupled with completed goal can result in a better you!" added Santiago.

To find out more about how KarmaGoal can help accomplish any personal goal, please visit http://karmagoal.com/ for details.

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