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Kallikas Estates Limited Invests in Several Directions

As long as two main islands of Trinidad and Tobago have various developed spheres Kallikas Estates Limited decided to go in various sectors of real estate.

Oil extraction and refining are the main parts of the economy of Trinidad and Tobago. Chemical industry is also very developed. Tobago has quite developed eco-tourism sphere as long as this area has very diverse and unique nature. Numerous visitors come here to take part in sport evens, carnivals and festivals.

Taking into account the diversity of the economy Kallikas Estates Limited made a strategic decision to run its activity in several directions. Most likely Kallikas Estates Limited will concentrate its efforts in residential sector of the market acquiring apartments and investing in villas and houses while the local partners of the company will focus on commercial premises. According to the director of the development department the partner of Kallikas Estates Limited will start searching for land sites for further construction projects with the aim to create warehouses and premises that have strategic importance for oil industry. Soon the company intends to divide the territory of Trinidad and Tobago into responsibility zones to seize all opportunities that come to the market.

Kallikas Estates Limited has vast experience and knowledge in residential sector. On its domestic market the company has acquired the reputation of reliable developer and investor who is always ready to help finding the best solution. Right now Kallikas Estates Limited is a new player in this area but thanks to the reputation of its partners and supreme quality of the service this Cyprus investor may take leading positions on the market very soon. Meanwhile the company compiles the electronic base of non-listed property to facilitate the process of investments.

For contact:
Eric Stoner, Public Relations Chief

10, Charalambou. Mouskou Str.,
Savvide Court, Office 302,
Paphos, CY-8010, Cyprus

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Eric Stoner
Kallikas Estates Limited
Kallikas Estates Limited
10, Charalambou. Mouskou Str.