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Just Published on Amazon Kindle "How To Stop The Bully At Your Workplace©"

Enduring a work life of bullying is painful. You are being bullied, or someone you know and care for is being bullied at work. New book by Dr. Tina helps to make it stop.

In addition to publishing How To Stop The Bully At Your Workplace©, Dr. Martina Carroll-Garrison (Dr. Tina) is also an Executive Leadership Coach committed to helping you to improve your work life, to live as your highest and best self, and to find joy at work. If you are being bullied at work (or know someone who is) then the stop-the-bully handbook is full of practical tactics and tips to stop the bully at work from destroying you and those around you (

Dr. Tina has relived the bullying experiences of many coaching clients during their confidential coaching sessions. In her assessment workplace bullying is on the rise, is more insidious and hostile than ever, and both employees and organizations are being damaged. In supporting Dr. Tina's personal assessment, the 2014 U.S. Workplace Bullying Survey reported the U.S. prevalence of abusive workplace behavior is on the rise. A summary of the results are as follows; among the representative sample surveyed, those who are Currently Bullied = 7%, Been Bullied = 20%, Witnessed Bullying = 21%, Aware of Bullying = 23%, and Unaware of Bullying = 28%.

Everyone desires to work in, and lead in a bully-free workplace. However not everyone knows how to stop the bully from destroying their work life, or how to create and promote a bully-free culture in their workplace. This stop-the-bully handbook is field tested and will show you how to confront the bully in a safe manner, and how to begin promote a bully-free culture in your workplace. Dr. Tina also offers an insight to the significance of anti-bullying behaviors to contemporary leaders, and what you as a leader need to know on a personal level to eliminate bullying behavior from your workplace and institute positive behavior as a cultural norm. Dr. Tina proposes that the basic approach to stopping the bullying behavior in your workplace is to prepare yourself to alter your bully's behavior in a systematic way, by; (1) figuring out how you are enabling the bully to bully you, (2) disrupting and stopping the bullies' enabling mechanisms, and (3) re-establishing acceptable behaviors and boundaries between you and the bully. Easier said than done, but with knowledge and coaching you can STOP the bully from disrupting your work life and your workplace joy.

In addition to this stop-the-bully handbook Dr. Tina also offers a virtual training/coaching program titled How To Stop Your Bully ©, where you will learn how to change how you see yourself, how to change how others see you, how to recognize your bullying story and how your story inhibits you, how you own your power, how to take back your power, how to be assertive even if you feel unconfident, nervous, ashamed, and afraid, and YOU WILL LEARN HOW TO STOP YOUR BULLY! For more information on Dr. Tina's How To Stop Your Bully © program, visit her WEBSITE at

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