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Enduring an unfulfilled or limited work life is painful. Maybe you need to hire a career coach or an executive coach? As a Georgetown trained executive leadership coach, Dr. Tina is so committed to helping you understand what a coach can do for you,

In addition to publishing HOW DO I FIND AN AUTHENTIC CAREER COACH OR EXECUTIVE COACH? , ( Dr. Martina Carroll-Garrison (Dr. Tina) is also an Executive Virtual Coach committed to helping you to improve your work life, to live as your highest and best self, and to find joy at work. As a Georgetown trained executive leadership coach, Dr. Tina is committed to helping you manifest your highest and most joyful work life through her philosophy of coaching the whole person. Dr. Tina wants to help you become an informed shopper before you seek coaching services, regardless of whether you hire her or another coaching professional. She proposes that if you are an unsatisfied employee merely enduring your job, or your job is not your passion, or you feel stuck, or you want to be heard and to influence the conversations around you, or years are passing you by and you are still where you are at, or you feel clueless about becoming unstuck, or you are enduring professional performance anxiety, or you are struggling with a life of frustration and resignation, or your work life is negatively impacting your personal life, then you may want to hire a coach.

Through engaging with her own coaching clients Dr. Tina is aware of the challenges potential customers face in securing and selecting the best coach for their needs. She insists that her clients interview several coaches before they settle on her as their coach. Dr. Tina recognizes the potential for a successful coaching engagement begins with understanding what type of coach you need and finding one whose style suits you. Confirming her personal knowledge, the International Coach Federation published on May 23, 2014, the results of 2014 ICF Global Consumer Awareness Study, which provides insights into the minds and motivations of coaching consumers around the globe. Overall, 58% of respondents said they were aware of professional business and/or life coaching, including 17% saying they were "very aware" and 41% describing themselves as "somewhat aware."   Awareness levels varied strongly by age group, ranging from 67% among those aged 25-34 to 48% of those aged 55+. Among those who would consider coaching, the most frequently cited motivations were defining their own strengths and weaknesses (47%), followed by a desire to maximize their own potential (41%). Male respondents tended to cite business-related reasons, such as optimizing work performance, whereas female respondents were more likely to mention personal development factors. Being clear in what you want to accomplish through coaching will improve the output.

Dt. Tina suggests that although many employees and professionals desire to work in, and lead in fulfilling workplace, wherein they can achieve mastery, purpose and mission, not everyone knows how to achieve this ideal work life. Hiring a coach is a step in the right direction. Dr. Tina's HOW DO I FIND AN AUTHENTIC CAREER COACH OR EXECUTIVE COACH? handbook is field tested and will show you how to become an informed coach shopper, and also how to begin to promote a coaching culture in your workplace. Dr. Tina offers a quick immersion into what you as a leader need to know on a personal level to secure coaching services for yourself and your workplace, as well as how to institute career and executive coaching as a positive cultural norm.
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