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India the land of Rama, Krishna and Buddha, and home of many legendary figures in history, is a versatile and spiritual country. A complete online portal offers many aspects of India.

There are very few other countries as colourful, versatile and spiritual as India, the land of great sages, and modern thinkers and doers. India is seventh largest country by geographical area and the world largest democracy. Tourist from different parts of the globe visits different parts of this country in search of fun or fulfilment, meditation or peace, business or money etc.

The places of pilgrimage have been a big attraction for international visitors touring India. India signifies image of a holy, historical, colourful, cultural, and architectural country. The temples of India are a combination of historic, religious and architectural significance.

The first time visitors arriving in India looks for comprehensive information about many aspects of India, the culture and tourist places, climate and weather of India. offers news, information about events, destinations and festivals of India, catering to the needs of foreign tourists and travellers. Travelling to India has become a lot easier and convenient due to booking services offered by us.

Reflecting the truth on ground realities within the country, on religion, spiritual destinations, wildlife safari, royal tours, forts and palaces, cities and towns, business, sea beaches, healthcare and medical tourism etc., the information on these various aspects are available on our online travel portal.

Visitors and Readers will find the information very insightful and helpful, to help plan the upcoming tour to India. Offers in-depth details on India's historic past, music, arts, places of interests, destinations, travel places, Ayurveda. This site is a complete virtual online guide for international travellers.

The primary focus is to provide India centric information to help the international tourist plan their trip to India. It has all the important tour and travel, events and destinations related information available for free of cost to readers and travellers.

Tourist will get to experience the soul of India's culture by visiting the Golden Temple, Akshardham Temple and Taj Mahal, explore the Himalayas during meditation and yoga tour on the hills, and get soaked in Rishikesh and Varanasi as spiritual hubs of Hinduism. Attend the hugely popular evening prayers held at the Ghats on edges of River Ganga in Varanasi.

Journey to explore the spiritual side of India is not complete without visiting holy city of Pushkar in state of Rajasthan. Enjoy the never forgetting spiritual experience at the Bramha Temple and Pushkar Lake. Also make the most of your trip at 14 Days Cattle Fair known as Pushkar Camel Fair, offering once-in-a-lifetime luxury and most colourful spectacles on earth.

Religions like - Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism, originated in India, and the country has huge populations of Muslims and Christians religions. All this making India a religious and spiritual destination of the world. Trip to India introduces you sacred temples and shrines, carrying historic significance attached with most of them.

Experience age old spirituality by visiting the holy city of Rishikesh in the Northern part of India, along with Varanasi at river Ganges. Haridwar is famous for its yoga ashrams. Tourist has options to go for River Rafting in Rishikesh and Haridwar.

There is no other better option to be informed about India and happenings in this country. If travel to spiritual India information tempts you, then do make a visit to Joyous India at, soon!

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