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Journey Owl Is Looking for Victims of E-coli and Shigella Illness, in Newcastle

Journey Owl, a team of experts in helping holidaymakers get compensation, is looking for victims of E-Coli and Shigella, after a food festival in Newcastle, in 2013.

Holidaymakers that travelled to the 3-day spice food festival in Newcastle, in 2013, may have taken home more than they bargain for, with studies finding that the chutney was contaminated with uncooked curry leaves.These lives were found to contain E-Coli and Shigella illness. 413 people have come forward since then, but Journey Owl know that there must be more based on the amount of infected chutney that was sold. They are now appealing for more people to come forward because they could be entitled to compensation.There have been 29 cases of Salmonella that have been confirmed. Symptoms of the illness included diarrhoea, vomiting, loss of appetite, stomach cramps and fever. Journey Owl would like to hear from anyone that experienced these symptoms following a visit to the food festival in Newcastle.

Journey Owl would like to hear from everyone that has suffered when they are on holiday, or if they have been injured working abroad. They hope to help people to get the compensation that they deserve.The company advises victims to get in touch by email or by phone, if they want to make a claim, or even if they just want some further advice. Journey Owl does the best they can by all of their clients, and they won't leave a stone unturned in their quest for justice.At the moment, they are specifically looking for people who might have suffered during that food festival, but they encourage clients from any incident to get in touch. It is easy to fill in an enquiry form on their website.

Once the form has been completed, Journey Owl start their investigations and they encourage other people to come forward. Sometimes there is only one victim, but at massive events, the victim count runs into the thousands. A company spokesperson added, "We are looking for victims of this food festival, in Newcastle because we know that there must have been more people there and they might have been infected. They might not have associated their symptoms with the festival at first, but once we mention the chutney, they realise what has happened. We want to make sure everyone involved is compensated for their suffering."

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